Excerpts from talks on Bhagavad Gita CH15 by Pujya Guruji - Day 5

Pujya Guruji and Pujya Gurudev
Day 5 (Verses 9 – 13)

Q: Jiva takes away all 5 senses along with mind and goes to another body but what if it goes to a unicellular body?

Ans: The senses remain dormant. As in a child, certain faculties are unmanifest till the equipment becomes fit. When upadhi is fit, the faculties becomes manifest.

Logical proof for rebirth: If rebirth is not accepted the following logical fallacies will be there.

Akrita abhyaagama – There will be effects from no cause. Jivas are seen to experience this body and so many things in this life for which there must have been a cause in the past.
Krita vipra nasha – There will causes without effects. We are seen to do so many karma in this life and not all results are immediately experienced by us within this life. So where will these effects go?
The very fact that today is implies yesterday was and tomorrow will be.

For whom is rebirth? Body will perish. Suddha Chaitanya is immutable and imperishable. Hence, the subtle body, jiva is the one that transmigrates.

The most important question is: Is there life before death? Because, after death will only be a continuation of the present. What kind of life we live before we die is what matters most.

Through this, it is clear we are not this body. When one sleeps we can't interact with the person. So we are an agent other than this body. Day and night we experience this and yet don't question. Ramana Maharishi realised His true nature through enacting death experience. He found His Self to be other than this body.

Who feels happy or miserable, gets bored or enjoys? It cannot just be the ear or eye. Their job is only perception of stimuli. Who is there sthitham? Who is there, experiencing the gunas, the sense objects?

We are oblivious to what is so explicit in and through every experience as we are so busy with outer things, problems, names and forms, issues. Constantly, moment to moment, we experience and yet don't see the Atma chaitanya. We are born ignorant as muda. But even after hearing this knowledge we still don’t see and hence the title ‘vimuda’ na anupasthiti (anu -paschaat)

The rare few get going when going gets tough, relentlessly till the logical end is reached as Swami Vivekananda says ‘Stop not till the goal is reached’.

Jnana chakshu - purity of mind gained through virtues such as nirmanamoha, etc and clarity of knowledge gained through viveka and vairagya (asanga shastra) and by grace of God & Guru, one sees directly and clearly as day light without any doubt.
When I wake up I become conscious of myself first and then the world. Always I come first before my any and every experience.

Thus some who strive through right methods see the Consciouness in one’s own self in their own heart. But yet others though struggling don't see. Because there is no purity of mind (akrita-atma) and no subtlety of thought (achetas) and they don’t follow the right means for knowledge.

Every sadhana has its own result. If you do something, something will happen, but not necessarily what you want. Shishya wanted to learn ayur veda through crash course and Guru taught in 1 sloka.

yasya kasya taror mūlaṃ yena kenāpi miśritam|

yasmai kasmai pradātavyaṃ yad vā tad vā bhavisyati ||
One mixes the root of this or that tree with this or that and gives to anyone for any problem, this or that will happen. He may get cured too.

No sadhana sadhya vivek is there. Like closing eyes to see a colour. Valid means of knowledge is most important.
3 factors need to be in line for knowledge to take: Prameya – the object; Pramana – means; Pramata – the knower. If these are in line knowledge must and will happen. Atma is ever self shining. If there is no clarity in pramana or purity in the knowing instrument then it remains unknown.

Once atma svaroop is known in our heart, it is seen everywhere. Once gold is known all ornaments made of gold are known.  Even though God is everywhere we don't know what His lakshana is, so we don't see him. So God takes us on world tour from heart to sky.

How to see God everywhere? God shows His presence. Those with eyes of wisdom, see Him in their heart.
In macrocosm, He shines in the Sun, Moon and fire as their essence, as their brilliance, cool radiance and heat and light. In microcosm, He shines in our eyes, mind and speech. Coming closer to us, entering Earth as sustaining power, He nourishes the plant life and becoming Moon energizes with His vitalizing power.

Oshati doshan datte gunaan iti oshadhi| That which removes weaknesses, impurities and gives good health is oshadhi. Food is also oshadhi for hunger. If food eaten properly itself serves as medicine. Lord says I am the vitalizing and nourishing power in food that we eat.
After studying BG CH 15 one should not ask where is God.


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