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Balavihar Resource Training 2018

VVRP - Village Volunteer Resource Person Chinmaya Sarveshvara along with CORD facilitated the 2nd training program for the Village Volunteers. The intent is to equip them to conduct Balavihar classes in their respective villages. 32 volunteers from 21 villages attended the program. The faculty team for the trainers included Smt Priya Arunachalam, Smt Thangam amma and 8th batch Yuvaver Deepa. The empowered team caters to 23 Balavihar classes covering around 430 children in the age group of 7 to 13. Each Balavihar center were given accessories(like black board, thamizh-to-english dictionary, throw balls, etc.) for conducting the classes. Bal

Shivarathri 2018

Worship of Lord Shiva through eka-dasha-rudra-japam, rudra-homam, kalasa-abhishekam in the day time. In the evening - Balavihar kids enacted a skit on Pattinathar, Harihara Vidyalaya students danced, Chyksters did a relay yajna on Kaala-bhairava-ashtakam, all devotees - young and old, actively participated in bhajan anthaakshari, composing songs on Lord Shiva, took part in 6-kaala puja the whole night. The active participation of all facilitated the other devotees to stay awake the whole night remembering the Lord through various means. Worshipped Him because of His Grace.

Thirumandriam Camp

Chinmaya Sarveshvara, Thamaraipakkam organised a Thamizh residential camp on Thirumandiram. Camp Acharya: Pujya Swami Sivayogananda ji , resident acharya of Madurai. Camp was held from February 10th to 12th, 2018. 45 Devotees from various parts of Thamizh Nadu participated and listened to Swamiji on the upadesha section in the 1st Thandiram of Tirumandiram. It was really a uplifting and heart rendering experience, listening to the lucid explanations by Swamiji.