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Swami Sakalananda

Swami Sakalananda is the spiritual mentor of Chinmaya Mission Mandakolathur since 2015. He had been a full-time sevak in Chinmaya Gardens, Chinmaya Mission Coimbatore in the period 1982-1995. While in Coimbatore, he worked with and also guided by Swami Sahajananda, Brahmachari Atma Chaitanya & Swami Vageeshananda. Then he joined the vedanta course at Thamaraipakkam under the guidance of Swami Shridharananda in the years 1996-99. After the course, as Brahmachari Sadhashiva Chaitanya, he served Chinmaya Mission Thamaraipakkam from 2000-2015. During this time, he started off  the ( பால் குடம் அபிஷேகம் ) milk- abhishekam by the devotees on prathishta day (consecration day) and annual vilakku puja on every chitra-pournami . He organised the village youth into yuvakendra and encouraged them to conduct annual events like the summer cool camp for village children & inter-college cultural program. Every year Ganesh chaturthi was celebrated in a grand manner by involvin

Interview with Gurudev - David snow

By David Snow, Associate Features Editor, The UCSD Guardian, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA. During Swamiji's University Tour in 1992, when he was speaking at the University of California, San Diego, he was interviewed by the university newspaper, The UCSD Guardian. The following are excerpts from his interview. David Snow: May I record this conversation? Swami Chinmayananda: I say nothing in secret. DS: Your literature says that your teachings will lead to a greater appreciation of all religions of the world. How could this be? SW: Because the difference is only in the ritual or the shape of your house of God. A temple is not like a church; a church is not like a mosque. A Mullah looks totally different from a Father, and both of them are totally different from the pundit. The rituals, the altar, these are all different. But all have an altar. And all go there to try to quiet their minds in devotion and reverence.

Gurudev Quotes

Success or achievement is not the final goal. It is the 'spirit' in which you act that puts the seal of beauty upon your life. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness. Do the best and leave the rest. Efficiency is the capacity to bring proficiency into expression. Brood less, smile more and serve all.