Excerpts from Gita Chapter 15 - Day 1 by Pujya Guruji

H H Swami Tejomayananda
There is something in this world that can take any  amount of burden and that is a statement which can take any depth in meaning.

The question we must ask ourselves, Do I learn something from Gita and change... Even 1 stmt can transform you.

Knowing about a thing or person and knowing that thing or person is different.
Only that person can know God to whom God reveals Himself. We should become Partha and not anartha.

Somebody speaking ill of another itself means they accept the greatness of the person.

Gita has been given By Lord to his vibhutis. Teacher, taught and writer are divine

Idea of separatism always causes problem

Shaastra is that which instructs and thereby protects us from falling down.

The million dollar question is... Do you have any vision of what life is?
Vision of wisdom gives fulfillment  otherwise there can be many achievements but no fulfillment.

Jnanam is wisdom and buddhi is the application of wisdom in our life.

Arjuna was confused about the very purpose of the war, his identity and hence about duty. The best thing he did was to admit and surrender. We must have clarity of purpose in everything we do.

Gita chapter 2 teaches us to look at life as a whole. We can't look at only one aspect of life and get carried away.

This is Time-tested knowledge. It should become your own knowledge so meditate.

Bhagavan shows 1 in all in 10th and all in 1 in 11th.
First Lord gives jnanam, then dhyanam.  similarly first comes Knowledge of Lord and then means of devotion. Gita has a systematic thought flow.

Chapter 14 is the most practical chapter from seekers stand point and teaches  how to gain mastery over one's own mind

Essence of Upanishad and vision of life is given in the Gita.

Vedavid means vedartha vid - one who knows the truth of veda through ones own experience Anubhootartha and not as mere studied knowledge.

Such a Vedavid is our Pujya Guruji. Salutations to His Lotus feet. Don't miss the opportunity. Come again.


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