Is Ravana Anti-hero or Villain?

It is becoming a trend to circulate cheap jokes on Hindu Gods and Goddess and also on Indian culture.
It is only out of ignorance that anyone can celebrate a wicked villain such as Ravana (embodiment of lust) over Sri Rama (embodiment of dharma). It is our duty to get to the Truth.

Here are some points for clarification:
  1. Ravana did not lose anything for his sister.  He couldn't care less for her. It was for the lust possessing Sita devi - someone else's wife that he risked his kingdom, royalship, sons life and all. We cannot find a better example of a perverse soul so possessed with lust that lead to his own destruction. In fact, Surpanaka used Sita Devi as bait to instigate Ravana against Ram and Lakshmana, so that she can seek her revenge.
  2. Ravana did not touch Sita Devi not because he had the least bit of decency but because of a curse from 'Nalakubara' that if he ever dared to touch an unwilling woman for intercourse his head would burst into 7 pieces that very moment.(uttarkhand canto 26) 
    • Canto 24 talks of how he tortured many women/  daughters/ wives/ sisters of rishis, devatas, gandharvas, yakshas, daityas & also humans, after cruelly killing their men folks.
  3. Lord Rama allows Sita devi to do Agni Pravesha for these reasons;
    • For Rama, kingly duties came foremost his personal likes & dislikes and family interests came last.
    • Because of Sita's Agni Pravesha Agni Devata, Vayu Devata and Mahadeva himself attested Sita's purity in the presence of Rishis and Lakshmana. This is what Rama wanted although he could have vouched for Sita's purity himself.
    • If Rama accepted Sita without questioning, people would praise him and suspect Sita whereas now everyone criticizes Rama & empathizes Sita which is what Rama wanted in Sita's best interest.
    • Rama did not abandon Sita devi in the forest. Understanding this as the only solution to the ill remarks by the citizen, Sita Devi also accepts the exile in the best interest of the kingdom. Rama sends her off to Valmiki's ashram where her security and spiritual unfoldment is guaranteed. (Uttarkant canto 48)


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