Women Empowerment Celebration 2017

Shivanvoyal – Celebrating the transformation

Around 200 women from 10 villages gathered together at Bandikavanur Sivanvoyal today to celebrate their achievement in the past 2 years in the areas of kitchen gardening, tree plantation, organic farming, mushroom cultivation, poultry and many other farm and non-farm sector activities.
  1. This event was organized by the women for the women. Two senior MMs Chinmaya Pudhiya Bharatham and Chinmaya Gangai organized the whole event under the guidance of cord.
  2. UCO bank manager created awareness on the various financial and insurance schemes and the District sanitation coordinator spoke on subsidies under the total sanitation scheme.
  3. There were also talks about entrepreneurship and motivational talks on women empowerment. 
  4. The women themselves conducted cultural programs on topics of girl child education, abolition of alcohol and total sanitation. Further there were fun games based on team building that implicitly brought together women of different religion and communities. The best performing magalir mamdram and individual also were recognized encouraged with prizes


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