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Testimonial - Dr.Kamala Chidambaram

Dr.Kamla Chidambaram In the initial days, Chyks from Chennai including Swami Mitrananda ji and others started coming to Thamaraipakkam in bikes on Sundays with medicine samples they collect from doctors and distributed it to people who needed it. It was like a small camp under a tree and then slowly slowly doctors started accompanying them and I used to come whenever I could. Then medical camps were started in the villages and the temple and ashram construction also started. Then ACMC’s building was also under construction and the day before the temple’s consecration, ACMC was inaugurated by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda. I used to organise the doctors who come for consultation on Sundays and there used to be 3 doctors minimum. We used to bring samples that we get and also that would not be sufficient and so we also used to buy medicines because just the samples would not be sufficient for all the patients and this is how ACMC developed step by step. Around the year 1991-92, ACMC b

ACMC History

History of ACMC - Ananth Charitable Medical Center It was the day of Bhoomi puja for Sarveshwara Dhyana Nilayam. Pujya Gurudev was taking a stroll after the pooja surveying the site when a woman carrying an infant came running to Gurudev. She was crying as she laid the child at Gurudev's feet. She was desperate to save her sick child. In those days (1987), there were no hospitals or clinics owned by Government or private in proximity. The sick had to travel all the way to Chennai Government Hospital on those poorly laid roads. To add to this, bus transportation was not frequent. Gurudev looked at the woman and the infant. Turning around to the devotees present around He said " A clinic should be here prior to the temple ". Shri Ananth, a devotee present in the crowd made an instant donation towards the medical center. Two years later when Pujya Gurudev arrived to consecrate the lingam temple in Oct 1989, AFMC (Ananth Free Medical Center) was up and ready to be inaugurate