Testimonial - Thangam

Meenakshi Sridharan (a) Thangam, NZ

I had always wanted to volunteer in CORD. When I did get everything organised for my 1 year break to volunteer at CORD, I became quite apprehensive as to how and in what way I would be able to help. After my brief training at CORD Sidhabari, I was sent off to CORD Tamaraipakkam which is located about 35 kms North West of Chennai. CORD Tamaraipakkam gave me a holistic exposure to the true rural lifestyle in India. CORD works hand in hand with Chinmaya Mission Tamaraipakkam that has a temple, a free school, a free medical center and camp facility.

The rural women, children, youth, farmers and differently abled are empowered through CORD’s integrated sustainable program. I was given the opportunity to work with the village women, children and youth which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am indeed thankful to Acharya Priya (Director, Cord tpkm) and the cheerful CORD team who went out of their way to make me feel welcome and gave me the proper guidance to be able to work in the villages – more so as I was a city bred girl and have been lately living abroad for almost 2 decades.

I also was blessed to get an opportunity to work with Acharya Arunachalam in the programmes organised by the medical center, school and Ashram. The flood relief operation in December/January 2015/16 was a major one.

Acharya Arunachalam & Acharya Priya the young couple who have given up their career to serve rural India should be a role model to modern youngsters.

I recommend that 6 months – 1 year or more is good enough for any volunteer to make a positive contribution. I am glad I took the decision of being here for 1 year and I do feel satisfied. It was great learning experience for me and I thank CORD Tamaraipakkam for this opportunity.

This would not have been possible of course without Pujya Gurudev’s Grace.


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