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Sanskrit camp

Sanskrit basic study course Dates: July 27th to 29th, 2018 Course Acharya - H.H.Swami Sureshananda ji Topics to be introduced aksharaani  sapthaa  avyayaani  kriya padham  purusha vachanam  lagu vaakyam  saptha vibhakthi Camp donation: Rs.700/-  (food, accommodation and camp kit) Last date for registration : July 17th, 2018  Venue: Sarveshwara Dhyana Nilayam, Thamaraipakkam, Tiruvallur 601103

Role of Hindu Youth

To build a new edifice with fresh materials is comparatively easier than to repair an old, neglected palace, ruined by time and disuse. The mother of all religions, Hinduism, has a very firm foundation and a strong edifice, built with an extreme sense of beauty with many artistically built-in surprises. But for more than 1,500 years it has been neglected, abused, and misused, so that in spite of its heavily built charms and artistic proportions, today it stands as an ugly dilapidated Temple of Truth. To repair and rebuild the fallen columns is the work that is now facing the Hindu community. In this ugly edifice, living together packed in its limited living space, the occupants feel no more any pride in their sacred home, nor do they feel any comfort and satisfaction to be under its leaking roofs. It is commodious enough to house all spiritually minded religious people in the whole world when once it is fully repaired and rebuilt. This should demand the cooperation and the involvement


Year Activity 1987 Foundation stone for the dhyana nilayam was laid by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda 1989 Ananth Free Medical Centre was inaugurated by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda on October 14th 1989 Consecration of Sarveshvara Dhyana Nilayam by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda on October 15th 1990 Harihara Vidyalaya - A free value based educational institution for the rural children was founded by Pujya Swami Chinmayananda. 1992 – 1995 First residential Tamil Vedanta Course (study of scriptures in a Gurukula) under the tutelage of Pujya Swami Shreedarananda. 1996 – 1999 Second residential Tamil Vedanta Course under the tutelage of Pujya Swami Shreedarananda 2004 Temple Kumbhabhishekam 2005 Second batch of Youth Empowerment Program (a capacity building course to harness youth potential) under the guidance of Pujya Swami Mitrananda 2006 A branch of Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD) at Thamaraipakkam took off under the leadership of Shri P.N.Kannan 2007 Third batch of Youth Empowerm

Gurudev Jayanthi 2018

prechyks, chyks, sevak training campers & other devotees gathered together and offered their love and worship to Pujya Gurudev in the form of Paduka puja, bhajans/ kirtans, loud reflections on Gurudev's qualities. Pujya Swami Sureshananda ji performed the paduka puja. Also a small video clipping of Gurudev was screened. The worship ended with prasadam :-)

Sevak training camp

May 4 to 13, @Chinmaya Sarveshvara Camp facilitator: Swami Sureshananda ji Camp inauguration by Swami Mitrananda ji A 10 day residential program to educate seekers on our scriptures, to train them to facilitate study group sessions. An initiative to handover the knowledge system to the next generation. An attempt to decipher the symbolism in Hinduism The camp was attended by 23 seekers. The camp schedule included Vedic chanting, Yoga, Classroom sessions, Games, Paduka puja, reflection time, demonstration sessions. We pray to Pujya Gurudev and Lord Sarveshwara for the grace & blessings upon the camp attendees to become effective study group moderators. 

Cool camp 2018

May 1 to 3, @Chinmaya Sarveshvara 3 days - 260 children - 46 volunteers Culture, Patriotism, Skill development, Yoga, Games, Model temple construction, temple cleaning, Creativity, Kingly qualities & duties, Festival celebration. All these happened in the presence of 20 faculties, 26 volunteers - consisting of prechyks, chyks, teachers. The theme of the camp is " Cool Rajas - leading Bharath, Following Dharma " Thanks to all the well wishers and committed sevaks. Unto HIM our best