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Manah Shodhanam

The problem of mind control is as old as the hills. The mind never tires of playing tricks and there is no way to peace unless it is tamed. Indeed he is strong who conquers others, but he is mighty who conquers himself. Manah Sodhanam is an original Sanskrit composition of Swami Tejomayananda. This text and commentary helps us understand the working of our mind and gives practical solutions of how to tackle it. With a pure mind, life becomes cheerful and meaningful and finally peaceful and blissful. manah shodhanam script Manah Shodanam presentation Sw Shivanandaji Spiritual Instructions for Sadhakas 1 Sw Shivanandaji Spiritual Instructions for Sadhakas 2

Skandha Guru Maha Abhishekam 2021

Hari Om 🙏🏼 Velum Mayilum thunai 🔱🦚 Chinmaya Sarveshwara brings you a blessed opportunity to participate online in   Skandha Guru Maha Abhishekam to Chinmaya Arupadai Velan. Lord Karthikeya is Skanda Guru, Swaminathan, Gurubaran, Thagappan Swami who wields his shakti jnana vel to destroy our ignorance. Worshiping Muruga bestows upon one all material and spiritual vitality and splendour. 📌 Date July 23, Friday. 🕕 Time 6.00 to 7.00 pm Please register for abhishekam using the below link. Please send an email with transaction reference to Have darshan via Live telecast at Vettrivel Muruganukku... Arohara 🙏🏻