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  1. Goshala
    • Protect & nourish a Cow (gomatha) for a year - Rs.12,000
  2. Education
    • Sponsor a child's education for a year - Rs.20,000
    • Any other amount towards books, notebooks
  3. Sarveshwara Dhyana Nilayam (Temple)
    • Decorate Lord Sarveshwara with garland for a month - Rs. 5,000
    • Lit the Dhyana nilayam's akhanda-deepam with ghee - Rs. 3,000
    • Homa dravyam for nitya ganapathi-homam - Rs. 2,000
    • Register for annual pradosham puja - Rs. 12,000 (total 24 puja/ abhishekam will be done annually. Your family details will also be included in the pradoshaam puja sankalpam. Also prasadam will be posted. Please share your family member names, star details and your full postal address through email)
  4. Nitya-annadhanam - Rs.9,000
    • Breakfast bhiksha - Rs.2,500
    • Lunch bhiksha - Rs.5,000
    • Dinner bhiksha - Rs.1,500
  • Simple nutritious food is offered to the priests, caretakers of Dhyana Nilayam, Goshala, Charitable Medical Center and Free Harihara Vidyalaya School.
Donations made will be given 80G receipt. Kindly email the PAN number and your residential address to

Our bank details
Account name - Madras Chinmaya Seva Trust Thamaraipakkam
Account number - 05180100004584
Account type - Savings account
Bank Name - UCO bank
Bank branch - Velliyur
IFSC Code - UCBA0000518 


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