Chinmaya Art Fest Quiz Question Bank

Chinmaya Art Fest Quiz Competition

Quiz (Senior)

  1. questions will be published in this space.
  2. 30 out of  40 of the prelims will be based on these questions.
  3. Preliminary round will be of multiple choice.
  4. Top 10 scorers will be called for final round. Two children will be paired up in teams.
  5. Finals will have multiple rounds like general round, buzzer round, audio-visual round & rapid fire.

Themes for Quiz questions

  2. Tamilnadu Scientists
  3. Gifts Honble Prime Minister presented to leaders at G7 Summit.
  4. Fundamental rights and Duties, Preamble
  5. Women Sports Personalities
  6. Monuments and buildings of National importance
  7. Current affairs
  8. Questions related to the following topics

Prelims Questions

Prelims round will have 40 questions. Out of which, 30 will be from the below set.

Celebrating India@75

  1. What are themes of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav?
  2. Who hoists the Indian flag on Independence day?
  3. Which award is the highest civilian award?
  4. What are the four pillars of democracy?
  5. Who is the chief of army, navy & airforce?
  6. What is the national emblem of India?
  7. The slogan ‘Truth alone Triumphs’ is adopted from which upanishad?
  8. In which language our national anthem is written?
  9. Our national song "Vande Mataram" is taken from which novel?
  10. What do 4 lions in our national emblem represent?
    • Glimpses of past 

  11. Why do we celebrate Shaheed Diwas?
  12. which mutiny proved to be the last nail in the coffin of British Colonial aspirations in India?
  13. Which country is associated with Komagata Maru Incident ?
  14. Where did the Black Hole Tragedy (1756) took place?
  15. Which railway station in South Africa  unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi?
  16. Why did paika rebellion?
  17. What was code-named as "Operation Vijay"?
  18. What was code-named as "Operation Polo  and Why was it called so?
  19. Which state was annexed to India after its people overthew its monarch?
  20. Which state was annexed to India through Instrument of Accession?
    • Our Heroes

  21. Who set up the Provisional Government of Free India?
  22. Who led the movement  'Great Tumult' and mobilised the tribal community against the British?
  23. Who said "India for Indian"?
  24. Who was the leader of Chittagong armoury raid?
  25. Who threw bomb in the central legislative assembly at New Delhi?
  26. Who assasinated Michael O'Dwyer, the one responsible for Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
  27. Who wrote the book "The Indian War of Independence 1857", which was subsequently banned by the british?
  28. Who is the first Indian queen to wage war against British?
  29. Who fought to abolish Sati?
  30. Who threw a bomb on Viceroy Lord Hardinge?
  31. Who was known as "Grand Old Man of India"?
  32. Who was called "Grand Old Lady of India"?
  33. Who said "swaraj is my birth right and i shall have it"?
  34. Who founded Ramakrishna Mission ?
  35. Who gave the speech "Tryst with Destiny" on the eve of India's Independence?
    • Economy of India

  36. Which country is the major export partner of India?
  37. What is the major source of electricity in India?
  38. What is the major import of India?
  39. Recently ECTA agreement has been signed between India and ------
  40. Who prints and manages Indian currency?
    • The Pandemic wave

  41. Which country is called as the pharmacy of the world?
  42. What type of vaccine is Covaxin?
  43. What type of vaccine is Covishield?
  44. What is meant by herd immunity?
  45. Which organisation declares a disease as global pandemic?
    • Our Landscape

  46.  Where is Amarnath cave is located ?
  47. Which is the largest river running through Tahr Desert?
  48. Which is the only active volcano in South Asia?
  49. Which river is popularly known as "Dakshin ganga"?
  50. Which place is known as chicken neck of India?
  51. which is the highest mountain peak in India
  52. Cauvery drainage system spreads over which states?
  53. Which state has the longest coastline?
  54. Kohinoor diamond was found from which mine?
  55. Which state is the largest producer of thorium ?
  56. River Krishna originates from which place?
  57. Which is the largest riverine island in India?
  58. Which is the world's only floating national park?
  59. Which lake was created by a meteorite collision impact during the Pleistocene Epoch?
  60. Where is cyclopean wall situated?
    • Science

  61. Where is Indian Seed Vault located?
  62. What do you mean by carbon neutrality?
  63. What is the motive behind proposed Green wall of India?
  64. What is ethanol blending?
  65. What is used to produce fourth generation biofuels?
  66. What is an Urban heat island?
  67. What is Slab track system?
  68. How does hyperloop work? 
  69. What type of fluid is oobleck?
  70. What type of batteries are commonly used in electric vehivles
  71. What is aphelion position of the Earth?
  72. Red sanders tree is endemic to which region?
  73. Why Bharat Stage norms are introduced?
  74. What type of island is Sriharikota?
  75. On which river system the first inland waterways project has been palnned ?
    • Tamil Literature

  76. Who sung ‘Yathum Oore Yavarum Kelir’?
  77. What anthologies comes under ettuthogai?
  78. Who was called  “ Soodikodutha sudarkodi  “ ?
  79. What are some of the works of Avvaiyar?
  80. Who sang " pudhiya aathicchudi"?
    • Tamil Kings

  81. Who made Bay of Bengal as  "The Chola Lake"?
  82. Which Chinese Traveller visited Kanchi during the reign of Narasimhavarman?
  83. Who built kallanai dam?
  84. Mamallapuram sculptures belong to which kingdom?
  85. Which Chera king hoisted his flag in Himalayas?
  86. Who is known as Kadaram Kondan?
  87. Which temple is featured in the official seal of Tamilnadu?
  88. Where can we find the krishna's "Butterball", the rock Which seemingly defies all laws of physics?
  89. In which temple can we find musical pillars in tamilnadu?
  90. Which temple has the longest corridor among all the Hindu temples in India?
    • Freedom movement in Tamilnadu

  91. V.O.Chidambaram founded the swadeshi steam navigation company to operate between Tuticotin and ___
  92. Which place is known as "Dandi of Tamilnadu"?
  93. Where was the British Collector Robert Ashe assasinated?
  94. Who participated in the march against the ban on the national flag and died from  police assault while holding the national flag till his last breathe?
  95. Whowas the first woman in India to get a degree in medicine?
    • Our Technological milestones

  96. Which country succeeded in its first attempt in launching a Mars Orbiter Mission?
  97. What was the major discovery of Chandrayaan ?
  98. After which test India became a nuclear power?
  99. Which is the world's fastest cruise missile ?
  100. What are the research centres developed by India in Antarctica?
  101. What is the name of India's indigenous navigation system?
  102. ISRO has named its first human space flight program as
  103. Who is known as the Missile man of India?
  104. Who is known as “Missile woman of India”?
  105. Who is father of Indian nuclear program?

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